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Kathy Kleiman kathy at kathykleiman.com
Tue Mar 30 18:34:41 EEST 2021

Huge tx to Stephanie for drafting these comments - especially
during/after a busy ICANN meeting. 
Tx to Milton for his edits
I've read them and appreciate the hard work, deep thought, and great
passion for our NCSG members and the lives that are on the line with
this data.  Just yesterday the Washington Post had an article about a
Egyptian man based in the US whose family has been arrested and is
being tortured in Egypt for the words/posting of the son in the US
Tx you both for trying so hard to preserve privacy and balance in this
Best, Kathy

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	Fine be me.  

	cheers Stephanie
 On 2021-03-30 5:33 a.m., Tomslin Samme-Nlar wrote:
   EXTERNAL EMAIL:   Thank you again everyone for the comments, edits
and discussion. It is 20:00 on 30th April now my time. So I have to
either submit it before I go to bed or first thing in the morning.
However, if there are no more comments to the draft, I'll prefer
submitting it before I go to bed.

 On Tue., 30 Mar. 2021, 10:46 Stephanie E Perrin,  wrote:
  Ok I have added bits as requested....I did not accept your rejection
 the premise that the accreditation body cost estimate may be low. 
 is not based on my opinions alone, it is is based on all the work
 in private by the EWG....we looked at the possible options for 
 accreditation of entities, and it was considered by all to be a 
 nightmare and potentially expensive.  I also worked on this,
 with respect to cross border data sharing in my capacity of DG Risk 
 Management when I was at Service Canada....managing credentials for 
 users of a global system is extremely expensive.  I used the term
 so we are not making a fact assertion, but I will be stunned if they
 do this for that kind of budget. Remember that permitting the wrong 
 users eg criminals into the system would be the cause of a major data

 breach, which comes with big $$$ penalties.  If there are no further

 comments I will go in , accept your additions, and turn it over to 
 Tomslin to submit.  (what day is it for you Tomslin?  ) we have
 24 hours to the deadline.

 cheers and thanks for the comments Milton!  I don't necessarily
 with totally downpedalling the cost issues but am willing to
 on it, we have signalled strongly that this is a new payer and you
 that in.


 On 2021-03-29 2:25 p.m., Mueller, Milton L wrote:
 > Stephanie:
 > Really appreciate the work involved in the first draft.
 > I am commenting on the doc and I want to alert everyone in NCSG
that I think it is a major strategic error for our comments to
reinforce the IPC/BC's attacks on the financial viability of the SSAD.
The SSAD is viable if the users (e.g., Facebook, Markmonitor, etc) pay
for it. When the surveillance caucus says it is too costly they are
just angling for free access and our having registrars and registrants
pay for it. When you reinforce the false argument that this will be
too expensive, you are advancing their agenda. Not deliberately, of
course, but you seem to be unaware of how your argument shoots us in
the foot.
 > During the negotiations over the SSAD, NCSG's position was that
users pay for their own accreditation costs, and that usage of the
system should be tiered to differentiate between light and heavy
users. Also, the existence of an SSAD helps us argue for keeping the
private data redacted.
 > So I have suggested various changes and deletions in the comments
to reflect this perspective
 > --MM
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 > Here is the link to the draft comment
 > Please let me know if you have trouble editing
 > cheers Stephanie Perrin
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