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Do we have a process for this one?  it is important.


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Subject: 	Call for Volunteers: Representative on the Council Committee 
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Dear SG/C Chairs and Councilors,

Following the Council adoption of the GNSO Framework for Continuous 
Improvement Pilot Project 
we are hereby reaching out to you to request confirmation of which 
Council member will be your representative on the Council Committee for 
Overseeing and Implementing Continuous Improvement.

As a reminder, this committee has the following composition:



*# of Members to Appoint*



1 Council Member



1 Council Member



1 Council Member



1 Council Member



1 Council Member



1 Council Member



1 Council Member



1 Council Member

NomCom Appointees


1 Council Member

Council members will serve in representative capacity, where applicable, 
and as such be responsible for consulting with their respective groups 
on a regular basis.

The first assignment for the Council Committee will be to scope the work 
assignment and create the task force that will address Accountability & 
Transparency requirements – assignment #6 (PDP 3.0 – SOI). Once that 
task has been completed, the Council Committee will address Council 
Committee Assignment #4 (PDP 3.0 – WG Self-assessment). See 
further details.

Once the pilot completes, the Council, in close collaboration with SG/Cs 
as well as the Council Committee and Pilot Task Force, will review the 
functioning of the Framework and decide whether to continue with the 
other assignments as outlined in the updated proposal (see section 3 
make modifications to the framework and continue with the other 
assignments, or, identify another path through which the assignments 
identified are to be addressed.

We request that you confirm your representative by 31 July at the 
latest. In the meantime, the staff support team will start pulling 
together the necessary background information and set up the Committee’s 
work space to allow for an effective start. Furthermore, the Council 
will also work to identify a Council member to chair this effort who 
will serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Please take into account that membership is reserved for Council 
members. Should you appoint someone who will no longer be on the Council 
after the AGM you will be requested to appoint a new member immediately 
following the AGM.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Kind regards,


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