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A GNSO outreach is something we should test and see how it turns out.

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2017-12-11 23:17 GMT+02:00 farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>:

> Yes as Rafik said we have PDPs scheduled all day on Saturday. I don't know
> if GNSO would be willing to do a 90 minute outreach even.
> This is a community forum not the policy forum so it is not the morning
> sessions NCSG sessions  it is the usual outreach sessions that are held on
> Saturday, (one day dedicated to outreach on Saturday). I wanted to do a
> GNSO outreach. I have good reasons for it. One is that of course I don't
> want us to compete with PDP sessions. The others are:
> showing points of contentions to the newcomers and outsiders can actually
> work well and show them what we do. The whole NCSG council members probably
> won't be able to attend the stakeholder group outreach because of council
> meetings. And there is NCUC and probably NPOC outreach too. I have noticed
> that fellows and newcomers come from various sectors. They don't only send
> us civil society NGO types. So it is better for them to understand where
> their real home is. Also people have lack of knowledge about the house
> structure. I have seen it even among the leaders.
> Farzaneh
> On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 4:12 PM, farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Maryam just sent me the blocked schedule and it seems like Saturday, GNSO
>> council is gonna have sessions all day!!!! which makes my suggestion
>> absolutely pointless.  I will talk to Heather about this. We can't afford a
>> three hour session at all on Saturday. I find it bizarre that GNSO has all
>> day PDP meeting in parallel to outreach.
>> I have on Sunday NCSG in-reach session which newcomers from civil society
>> are welcome to join and see what we do at NCSG. I probably leave it at that.
>> Farzaneh
>> On Mon, Dec 11, 2017 at 2:02 PM, Dr. Tatiana Tropina <t.tropina at mpicc.de>
>> wrote:
>>> I am of two minds about this,
>>> while I certainly agree with Ayden's arguments -- I think we might give
>>> it a go and see how it turns out.  Many of those attending our outreach
>>> still don't understand that we are a part of GNSO, what GNSO is doing, how
>>> do we participate in the dynamics -- so we always still show only a piece
>>> of the puzzle. This does create confusion especially for the newcomers --
>>> to show what policy is about we might want to show what GNSO is doing as a
>>> whole, what the SGs and houses are, why are we a part of it, how it is
>>> connected to the fact that we have a narrow mission, how we fit a bigger
>>> picture.
>>> So I would be in favour to give it a go. I remember before our
>>> experiment in Copenhagen with Euralo there were also arguments that we are
>>> sharing the prime time, but it worked well. We won't know until we try.
>>> However, back to Ayden's arguments - if it's less than 2,5 - 3 hours
>>> outreach, I would rather be a bit skeptic.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Tanya
>>> On 11/12/17 19:18, Ayden Férdeline wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My initial reaction is: I prefer doing our outreach as a stakeholder
>>> group; it gives us a full 90 minutes or so to emphasise our values and to
>>> shine to newcomers. If we do it as the GNSO, we are sharing the spotlight,
>>> have a reduced amount of time, and might have to watch our words,
>>> particularly on issues where we do not have a common position. We could get
>>> into a situation where we have to be on the defense? Plus, in reality, we
>>> do exist in silos...
>>> However I look forward to hearing what others think on this issue.
>>> Ayden
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>>> On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 05:02, farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>
>>> wrote:
>>> Dear PC
>>> I thought it might be better to do an outreach as GNSO in ICANN 61,
>>> saves us the clash with GNSO council meetings and shows people the dynamics
>>> of the group instead of making them understand GNSO in silos.
>>> What do you think? Heather is in favor of it and I will have to talk CPH
>>> into it.
>>> Best
>>> Farzaneh
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