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Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Tue Dec 18 20:33:51 EET 2018

I don't think we can wait for January 4 to approve the developers block.  I need to reach out to them now, and assure them I will continue the contract.  I am certainly not rich either, but am happy to do this.

As for NCSG having a better grip on its finances....there are many legal reasons why forming an entity that has a legal personality has not been done.  The big one is liability.  Yes it hampers our work, but there are benefits.


On 2018-12-18 03:29, Thato Mfikwe wrote:
Hi all,

Iido support Raphael in being the technical focal point hoping there is no objection.

I will comment on other issues later after giing through respective material but the financial situation of NCSG needs to improve, members cant  continue to use their personal finances to sustain activities.

The FC needs to start considering submitting its own ABRs and/or provide advice to C's not sure if this has been done before.

Farzi, taking into consideration deadlines and all, I hope you will be able to join us in our next meeting, 4 Jan 2019 so that you can elaborate on CIVICRM, thanks.

Thato Mfikwe.

On Monday, December 17, 2018, Raphaƫl Beauregard-Lacroix <rbeauregardlacroix at gmail.com<mailto:rbeauregardlacroix at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi Farzaneh,

Thank you for the action points. I think from the FC's perspective there has probably been a lot of information on that regard, which may need to be digested. I will try to wrap my head around it over Christmas break (that is starting 21st for me...) and report further as needed. In that sense I would accept to be the technical focal point.

As said in a separate email though, my financial situation does not allow me to be financially in charge of that side of things. I understand that you have been before and have been refunded, and that is certainly a very kind gesture on your part, but at the same time I may understand that in the current rather restricted membership of our FC, there is no one who want/can take that responsibility.

Stephanie I do think that you read us through the FC mailing list anyway, but I copy you here just in case; are there alternative solutions to individual volunteers cashing out and getting a refund after? It is a rather suboptimal arrangement and while it can work when we have people who are willing and able to do so, I think it is reasonable to assume that no one would want to, and I don't think it is the task of ICANN community members to do that kind of thing, generally speaking.

So for your fourth action point Farzaneh I do not have a ready-made solution unfortunately...


On Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 6:21 PM farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com<mailto:farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>> wrote:
Final Report on CIVICRM from Former NCSG Chair :

Dear all,

I have been involved with fixing CIVICRM our membership management system. I am stepping down as the person in charge, effective today, but open to questions about how to by your future technical contact point. But I have popilated the CIVI folder with all the required info.

We hired a company to do a discovery process and develop and fix issues. You (I don't know, either EC or FC) need to immediately think about a focal point because I will not be the focal point anymore. Otherwise, your service won't be maintained. NCSG/NCUC NPOC/ membership have their personal, sensitive data in CIVI. You need to have a secure system. So think about it carefully and act quickly.

You can have a financial focal point someone who can pay the monthly fee (quite substantial around 577 USD per month)  and sometimes if you decide on dev blocks they have to pay more and get reimbursed by ICANN. (I have done it before, can't do it anymore)
You also need a technical coordinator, someone who can ask the company to fix issues etc. (Raphael has been super helpful with this regard, so I suggest if he accepts you have Raphael as technical contact point)

All the documents related to the process of making the decision as well as hiring the company are in the Google Drive folder which I have shared with you.

There were many problems with the CIVI when I took over. Some of the most urgent problems have been resolved.
For example, the NCSG EC comments are saved on CIVI, the membership lists are automatically updated, the security measures are in place and updated.

In the CIVICRM folder, you can find all the tasks regarding discovery, Service Level Agreement tasks and monthly reports. I have also uploaded all the reports etc. If you face any problem you can just send an email to the company's special email address and create a ticket.

I recently sent you an email about the current financial situation regarding CIVI. In total, we have 10500 USD (including NCUC allocated a budget of 4000  and NPOC allocated a budget of 4000) remaining. I strongly recommend that:

1. You assign someone as the contact point for carrying out CIVI work and look after reporting problems and talking to others.

2. Approve the purchase of developer's block so that the front end interface work better.

3. Put someone in charge of CIVICRM Google folder to update (should be the focal point)

4. Ask someone (one of the leaders perhaps) to pay the monthly SLA fee if you decide to go with the current service. They then get reimbursed by ICANN. (you need to find that person by 1 Jan otherwise you will not be able to continue the service.

5.Assign a technical focal point in place: recommend Rapahel

Best regards,




Hosting Fees


Discovery Process


Partial month, pro-rated SLA


Development Blocks/More discovery


Monthly SLA - Aug


Monthly SLA - Sept


Monthly SLA - Oct


Monthly SLA - Nov


Monthly SLA - Dec

TOTAL  $6,493.2

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