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Further to my earlier note, here is the note from Dean. Now we have to 
move the vote up....


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Dear NCSG Colleagues,

With thanks to Stephanie Perrin for the intervening informal 
coordination we have conducted between the two of us, I am writing with 
the goal of helping us as NCPH move along the official process for 
selection of Board Seat 14.

We have now confirmed that neither CSG  nor NCSG have any other 
candidates to put forward for Board Seat 14 other than Matthew Shears. 
In terms of the process set forth in Annex 7 of the GNSO Operating 
Procedures for the election of Board Seat 14: 
https://gnso.icann.org/sites/default/files/file/field-file-attach/annex-7-ncph-election-procedures-seat-14-24oct19-en.pdf our 
GNSO NomCom Appointee (NCA) will be included in the consultation process 
as an advisor.  Given the close relationship that NCSG has with Carlton 
Samuels, our NCA, has NCSG consulted with him so that we may "tick" this 
item as complete off of the Annex 7 procedure?  If not, will you be OK 
with taking that point on?

 From our review of Annex 7 within the CSG and our internal discussion, 
we think we will be ready to have the formal election as set forth in 
Section 5 of Annex 7 by the end of the month.  Therefore, we would like 
to propose Wednesday, April 29 for the vote if that works for the NCSG.  
Per consensus of the CSG, I will be taking on the role of the official 
voter for the CSG.  Please let us know if this date will work for the 
NCSG or if the NCSG wishes to propose an alternative date.

Looking forward to hearing back from you and sending good thoughts to 
all and please stay safe and healthy.

Best regards,

*Dean S. Marks*
Executive Director and Legal Counsel
Coalition for Online Accountability ("COA")
E-mail: ed4coa at gmail.com <mailto:ed4coa at gmail.com>
Cell:  1-818-469-7185
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