[NCSG-EL-REF] None of the Above

Tapani Tarvainen ncsg at tapani.tarvainen.info
Wed Jun 28 13:44:22 EEST 2017

On Jun 27 21:05, Grace Mutung'u (nmutungu at gmail.com) wrote:

> Thank you Tapani for the explanation. Since I joined NCUC/NCSG, there have
> been so many instances of candidates without competitors. I wonder whether
> this is a problem that can be cured by the law (charter) or whether there
> just needs to be more awareness to the membership about the elections
> process?
> Apart from the scenario described by David, to what extent should members
> be "satisfied" about the candidate pool if they do not offer themselves for
> candidacy? Maybe we should be looking at ways of making sure there are more
> people offering themselves for candidacy.....

Indeed. I tend to think the most important think about NotA issue is
making sure the rule we adopt doesn't discourage people from running.

Tapani Tarvainen

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