[NCSG-PC] [Public Comment] Call for volunteers - Registration Data Consensus Policy for gTLDs

Tomslin Samme-Nlar mesumbeslin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 00:17:57 EEST 2022

Dear members,

The public comment period on a proposed Registration Data Consensus Policy
for gTLDs is now open.

If you still remember, the genesis of this policy is the first-ever
Expedited Policy Development Process (EPDP) initiated by the GNSO Council
to determine if the Temp Spec for gTLD Registration Data should become an
ICANN consensus policy as-is or with modifications, whose recommendations
ICANN board adopted in 2019. As ICANN Org rightly notes, this "draft
Registration Data Policy is like no other policy in ICANN's history.... The
policy touches on some of the most important, complex, and challenging
issues facing the Internet ecosystem".

The Registration Data Policy Implementation Plan Public Comment encompasses
34 policy recommendations from 3 ICANN Board Resolutions:

   1.     EPDP Phase 1: Board Resolution in May 2019 (29 recommendations)
   2.     EPDP Phase 2: Board Resolution in June 2021 (4 recommendations)
   3.     Supplemental Recommendation 12: Board Resolution in February 2022
   (1 recommendation)

NCSG was very active and vocal about its positions on these WGs.

The Policy Committee is now calling for volunteers to draft an NCSG
comment/response for this proceeding which is due for consideration on
Thursday 20 October 2022 to allow time for filling and submitting the new
public comment form.

Please let me know off-list if you'd like to volunteer for the comment
drafting. It'll be nice to have more than one volunteer, including
new-commers who can use this as an opportunity to learn and be familiar
with policy work.

More information about the policy status report can be found here :

A draft Google doc for the comment in the guided format can be found here:

You can find previous NCSG comments here:

See below some best practices for the penholder:

   -     Provide the first draft on the mailing list in by day 21 of the
   comment period
   -     Try to resolve the comments throughout the duration of comment
   -     Make sure that the commenter has seen how comment has been
   resolved (contact them directly if necessary)

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