[NCSG-PC] GNSO SSC - Naveed and Raymond

Stephanie E Perrin stephanie at digitaldiscretion.ca
Thu Oct 14 22:42:35 EEST 2021

I suggest you send it out to the list again, emphasizing that these 
positions have a very low workload, no technical expertise required, 
just the ability to make good appointment decisions. Thank the two 
volunteers for being willing to continue, but indicate that it is not 
really fair to ask them to represent NCSG while performing key roles for 

Maybe someone will turn up if you beg.  I will work over a couple of 
candidates.  Really, NCSG is going from beached whale status to rotting 
carcass if we cannot get someone to perform this role.

cheers Steph

On 2021-10-13 3:30 p.m., Tomslin Samme-Nlar wrote:
> Thank you Stephanie. I agree and it is my personal opinion too that 
> there is an inherent conflict of interest due to the tensions we've 
> been having with ALAC. But since there is no explicit guidance in the 
> charter, I wanted a collective decision by the PC on this. So I 
> request members to express their views please.
> Tomslin
> On Thu, 14 Oct 2021 at 04:42, Stephanie E Perrin 
> <stephanie at digitaldiscretion.ca 
> <mailto:stephanie at digitaldiscretion.ca>> wrote:
>     Yes I think there is a problem.  I understand that there is
>     nothing in the Charter that precludes dual representation. 
>     However, we are in tension with ALAC in various areas, notably in
>     their approach to the EPDP and the ACs' role in policy
>     development.  This is an appointments committee....are ALAC
>     representatives going to object to business members who are
>     prominent in ALAC being chosen for roles? seems like a conflict of
>     interest to me, one has to choose an allegiance and stick to it. 
>     I am an ALAC NA member, but I do nothing with ALAC except try to
>     promote better relationships with them, as long as I am performing
>     in an NCSG role.  I think this is the appropriate response,
>     obviously, but I would like to hear someone defend these
>     reappointments on conflict of interest principles.
>     We must be dying if we cannot find new reps for this committee.
>     cheers Steph
>     On 2021-10-12 3:58 p.m., Tomslin Samme-Nlar wrote:
>>     Dear PC,
>>     As you know, the GNSO Standing Selection Committee (SSC) is due
>>     for refresh as they do annually after the AGM. *Naveed Bin Rais*
>>     and *Raymond Mamattah*, two of our current representatives to the
>>     SSC, both of whom have been selected by the NomCom to serve as
>>     ALAC members representing their regions at the end of ICANN72 are
>>     also both eligible to serve a second term as NCSG appointed
>>     members to the GNSO SSC and are willing to.
>>     My question to you is, do you think their situation poses any
>>     conflict of interest to NCSG, noting that I can't recall any
>>     specific provision in our charter which prevents them from
>>     serving in both roles.
>>     Please let me know.
>>     Cheers,
>>     Tomslin
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