[NCSG-PC] [council] Supporting Document for November Council Meeting Agenda Item 4: Revised GNSO Councilor Job Description for the Nominating Committee

Stephanie E Perrin stephanie at digitaldiscretion.ca
Thu Nov 18 00:21:27 EET 2021

Thanks Steve, I was doing markup on the redline version, but apparently 
the changes dont show clearly.  I have copy pasted it below, but you 
have captured the sense of it.


The NomCom is seeking accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, 
and intelligence with *e**xperience*[SP1] <#_msocom_1>in the 
multistakeholder policymaking process and within the GNSO community. 
While GNSO Council members should have a deep understanding of the GNSO 
structure, existing ICANN consensus policies, and contracts 
between ICANN and registries and registrars, preference will be given to 
candidates with a demonstrable ability to manage the policy development 
process towards the best interests of the entire GNSO community rather 
than solely for a specific GNSO Stakeholder Group or Constituency. 
NomCom appointed members are expected to act with integrity and 
independently. Voting NomCom appointed members are encouraged to engage 
with the Council representatives of their appointed House and all NomCom 
appointed member are encouraged to engage with the GNSO community more 
broadly, [SP2] <#_msocom_2>to understand their concerns and views, so 
that the NomCom appointee may be an informed and effective councilor.

NomCom appointed members who are affiliated with an ICANN community 
group at the time of application are not meant to represent their 
current or previously affiliated group and are expected to observe the 
principles and intent of the ICANN’s Conflicts of Interest Policy.


[SP1] <#_msoanchor_1>NCSG rejects the word “ experience” and “within the 
GNSO community.”Already we have an issue with burnout of existing 
members, and a “revolving door” of the same people running for office, 
year after year.We need fresh eyes on our work, to ensure that there is 
no capture by a small group of stakeholders.Please revert to previous 

[SP2] <#_msoanchor_2>With respect to the language that has been deleted 
here, starting with “balance the interests” and ending with their 
appointed House”, please revert and return this important language.WE 
want neutrality on the part of Nomcom appointees, and fresh eyes…in the 
event that Nomcom selects members who have been active in the 
stakeholder community at ICANN already, we absolutely need to emphasis 
the need for neutrality and non-representation on the part of their 
previous or current constituency.Repetition in the new paragraph below 
is fine, we cannot over-emphasize the importance of this aspect of the role.

On 2021-11-17 4:45 p.m., Steve Chan wrote:
> Dear Stephanie,
> It took me a moment to see what you were suggesting, as I saw no 
> redlines. I’ve since seen your comment in the Word doc and thought it 
> might be helpful to make clear what specific change you are 
> suggesting. For the first sentence under Job Description:
>   * /As currently shared/: The NomCom is seeking accomplished persons
>     of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence *with experience* in
>     the multistakeholder policymaking process *and within the GNSO
>     community*.
>   * /Suggested change, which reverts to previous language/: The NomCom
>     is seeking accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and
>     intelligence with *an interest* in the multistakeholder
>     policymaking process.
> I have tried to highlight the difference between the two versions by 
> bolding the relevant elements, and hope Councilors find this helpful.
> Best,
> Steve
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> *Reply-To: *Stephanie E Perrin <stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca>
> *Date: *Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at 10:02 AM
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> *Subject: *Re: [council] Supporting Document for November Council 
> Meeting Agenda Item 4: Revised GNSO Councilor Job Description for the 
> Nominating Committee
> Thanks for your hard work on this job description.  NCSG has had a 
> brief discussion on this topic, and believes that we have taken a 
> slight wrong turn in some of the revisions.  We believe that it is 
> important for Nomcom to seek fresh eyes and talent for the Nomcom 
> representatives on Council.  The job description should therefore not 
> insist, as this new version does, on the importance of experience.  
> Understanding of the role of the GNSO, certainly, but experience in 
> the ICANN MS model and its structures is certainly NOT necessary or 
> even desireable.  WE want fresh eyes, different experience and ideas 
> that can help us improve.
> There is obviously an issue if former Councillors start to apply for a 
> Nomcom seat on Council when their terms are up, in terms of upsetting 
> the balance of stakeholder group/constituency representation.  We are 
> not looking for a prohibition of Councillors coming back as Nomcom, 
> just to remove the emphasis on previous GNSO/ICANN experience.
> I hope that I have expressed the views of my SG adequately in these 
> comments and the attached markup, and suggest we have a thorough 
> discussion of this topic in our meeting this week.
> Stephanie Perrin
> On 2021-11-15 8:00 p.m., Steve Chan via council wrote:
>     Dear Councilors,
>     On behalf of the small team (Flip Petillion, Mark Datysgeld, Maxim
>     Alzoba, Olga Cavalli, and Tomslin Samme-Nlar) that worked on the
>     revised NomCom job description, please find their proposed final
>     draft attached in both redline and clean. This version attempts to
>     take into account the initial edits proposed initially by the
>     previous Council leadership team, discussion both on list and
>     during the previous Council call, as well as subsequent email
>     dialogue amongst the small team.
>     Best,
>     Steve
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