[NCSG-PC] NCSG Nominee for GNSO Vice Chair?

Marie Pattullo marie.pattullo at aim.be
Tue Sep 29 18:55:55 EEST 2020

Many thanks Stephanie; confirming receipt by both Barbara and me. Barbara will reply officially, but in the interim, please pass my personal congratulations to Tanya for her nomination!

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I am getting bounce messages from Microsoft, as I attempt to send this reply to you Barbara.  Trying again with a different address as sender, and I take the liberty of copying Marie and Phillippe and Wolf-Ulrich in case they can forward to you.  This gives me a chance to correct the typo below though.....it is of course Tatiana Tropina.

cheers Stephanie Perrin
On 2020-09-29 10:21 a.m., Stephanie E Perrin wrote:

Hi Barbara,

i am pleased to report that we have finalized our process and would like to propose Tatiana Tropian for the GNSO Council Vice Chair.

We look forward to working with Philippe as Chair, and to a productive year on Council!

Kind regards,

Stephanie Perrin

NCSG Chair
On 2020-09-28 9:24 a.m., Barbara Wanner wrote:
Hello Stephanie,

Hope this finds you well amid continuing challenges posed by the pandemic. I am reaching out today on behalf of the CSG. I am the BC's representative to the CSG; the BC will lead CSG planning for ICANN 69.

As the CSG's Philippe Fouquart has been selected as the new GNSO Council Chair, has the NCSG decided who you will put forward to succeed Rafik (who I understand is term limited) as the GNSO Council Vice Chair?

Per the NCPH agreement, the CSG invites the NCSG to propose a GNSO Council Vice Chair for the October 2020-21 term.

Thanks very much, and we look forward to your reply,

Barbara P. Wanner
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