[NCSG-PC] Topics for the Board discussion in Kobe

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Sun Feb 24 19:57:52 EET 2019

Many thanks to Farzi and Kathy for their comments/edits.  I have added a few things to Kathy's version, and changed the wording slightly on the matter of the Chair of the EPDP to acknowledge Farzi's point about GNSO. I have not taken the travel thing out...Until somebody comes up with a better idea, I think it is still a good idea.  Travel is a big, discretionary spend. Leadership in the community has no control over irresponsible members who make last minute travel requests, and we don;t really see the controls in the staff budgets.   Perfectly open to better ideas, but we need an idea for the three parts of the comminity....this one hits all three.

cheers folks and thanks for the interest!

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