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Ayden FĂ©rdeline icann at ferdeline.com
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Hi, is there anyone traveling to Johannesburg who we should be encouraging to schedule a face-to-face with the team of independent examiners? I hope we can input into this review.

Best wishes, Ayden

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Subject: [NCUC-DISCUSS] Soliciting interviewees for ICANN Nomcom Review
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Hi all,

In case you missed it, an Independent Examiner (IE) has been selected to conduct an independent review of the ICANN Nominating Committee (Nomcom). See the announcement here:


They have already begun work and will be in Johannesburg to introduce themselves and begin conducting interviews.

** If you meet the subject criteria in the announcement, and have an interest in speaking with the IE, please make contact with ICANN staff as soon as possible. **

If you do not meet the above criteria, but still have input, there will be a subsequent survey for the broader community. I'll provide an update with more information about that process/dates and the overall review schedule soon.

Please reach out to me if you have questions, I'll do my best to provide an answer.



Brenden Kuerbis
Internet Governance Project
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