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In my previous message, I forgot to insert a hyperlink to that blog post. Here it is: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/data-protection-and-privacy-update-plans-for-the-new-year


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> We need to rapidly get this on our radar.
> In this blog post, ICANN claims to have "made it a high priority to find a path forward to ensure compliance with the GDPR while maintaining WHOIS to the greatest extent possible" and is "look[ing] to settle on a compliance model by the end of January".
> They indicate, "Before 15 January 2018, we want to publish for Public Comment proposed compliance models... To help us meet this deadline, please submit your feedback before 10 January 2018."
> It is probably advisable that we submit some feedback here and do not miss this deadline.
> —Ayden
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