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My initial reaction is: I prefer doing our outreach as a stakeholder group; it gives us a full 90 minutes or so to emphasise our values and to shine to newcomers. If we do it as the GNSO, we are sharing the spotlight, have a reduced amount of time, and might have to watch our words, particularly on issues where we do not have a common position. We could get into a situation where we have to be on the defense? Plus, in reality, we do exist in silos...

However I look forward to hearing what others think on this issue.


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On Tue, Dec 12, 2017 at 05:02, farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear PC
> I thought it might be better to do an outreach as GNSO in ICANN 61, saves us the clash with GNSO council meetings and shows people the dynamics of the group instead of making them understand GNSO in silos.
> What do you think? Heather is in favor of it and I will have to talk CPH into it.
> Best
> Farzaneh
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