[NCSG-FC] Welcome to the NCSG Financial Committee

Johan Helsingius julf at Julf.com
Fri Feb 24 17:35:04 EET 2023

Dear Peter and Jean,

Thank you for volunteering for the NCSG Financal Committee!

The FC has been dormant (as in non-extent) for the last couple of
years, and it hasn't been a huge issue because the NCSG doesn't
have a bank account and funds of its own. The running costs of
the services NCSG uses are paid for by various parties, and
reimbursed by ICANN.

As it looks like NCSG will have to commission some IT work, it
would nevertheless be good to get the finances under proper
control, as prescribed by our Charter.

In addition the hope is that the FC will be able to look into
and comment on the ICANN annual budget, but we are a bit late for
the current round.


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