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Mon Jan 28 19:03:13 EET 2019

Nobody appeared to be listening in to the GNSO budget cttee call this morning, where we discussed their comment on the strategic plan.  I would suggest that folks on the finance committee address the NCSG comment now, Austin has done a draft.  It would appear nobody has bothered with this and it is rather important, due Feb 11.

I am of course unclear on what the FC wishes to focus on, but the budget ought to be in scope in my view.

cheers Stephanie

PS here is the US tax form we may have to fill out in the event that we send any PIR money ought of the US.  https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw8bene.pdf  Your guidance on how to fill it out would be appreciated, I think I have figured it out but always good to have a second or third set of eyes.  Please note that there are serious legal implications of forming an entity, which we need a discussion on.  IN the meantime, it is quite hard to figure out what we are, for these legal purposes.

On 2019-01-28 10:50, Thato Mfikwe wrote:
Hi all,

As we drawing near to ICANN64, I would like for us to have a meeting so that we can plan for the submitted FC meeting request. The proposed meeting can be held during the first week of February and upon you confirmation,  will ask Maryam to setup a Doodle for us, so please confirm the suitability of the first week because I hope in the 2nd or 3rd week of February that we have an open meeting with the community before ICANN64.

Proposed agenda of the meeting:

1. ICANN64 meeting finals preparartions
- Consolidation of Operational procudures
- Update on the NCSG Bank acount and NCSG incorporation
- Clarity and way forward on role of the FC
- Fundraising for NCSG
- NCSG priorities and plans

2. FY20 ABR submissions

3. Adoption of the FC 1 year action plan

4. Call for volunteers to work on different issues/topics/comments (Reserve fund, Operational fund, CCWG on AP, ICANN budget, plans and ABRs amongst other focus areas)

5. Next meeting with community members pre ICANN64

Looking forward to your comments, thanks.

Thato Mfikwe.

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