[NCSG-FC] Updated Action item list

Sam Lanfranco lanfran at yorku.ca
Wed Jun 21 14:52:57 EEST 2017


Sorry I am behind on this. Local issues have me completely tied down and 
a wet spring means that it is so wet that some of my fields (that should 
have soy beans planted) have carp swimming around in them.
The tractor doesn't float, but the soy seeds do, so no planting there. I 
hope I will be less burdened by the end of the summer.


On 6/21/2017 7:47 AM, Edward Morris wrote:
> Attached please find a revised list of action items from the NCSG FC 
> call of 20 June 2017. Apologies for the earlier incomplete transmission.
> FC members: Please indicate approval of this list or request 
> corrections / deletions/ additions within 48 hours of this posting.
> Thank You,
> Edward Morris

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