[NCSG-FC] An invitation to Klaus

Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Thu Jan 26 15:46:14 EET 2017

Hi Klaus,
 MaryAm or Tapani: Will you please add Klaus to the FC list? Thank you!
 You may want to take a look at the archives to see what we've been doing recently: https://lists.ncsg.is/pipermail/ncsg-fc/ .
 Thanks or joining us Klaus. I look forward to working with you!
 Ed Morris

 From: "Klaus Stoll" <klaus.stoll at pathfindershub.org>
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Dear Ed  

Thank you for your kind offer. I accept.  


Klaus    On 1/21/2017 5:19 AM, Edward Morris wrote:
 Hi Klaus,   As you know I was recently elected Chair of the NCSG Finance Committee. It is my hope during the coming year to revitalize the FC, to make it a key and productive part of noncommercial activities at ICANN.   As part of this initiative I hope to get more people involved in the Finance Committee and would like to work closely with our Constituencies to maximize the potential of the FC. At my request, the FC has agreed to appoint you as an Observer to the FC, placing you on our mailing list with full posting privileges.   Klaus, we hope you’ll join us. Please let us know if  you’d be willing to join the FC as an Observer, per §2.6.6 of the NCSG Charter.   Thank You,   Ed Morris Chair NCSG Finance Committee


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