[NCSG-FC] An invitation to Klaus

Klaus Stoll klaus.stoll at pathfindershub.org
Mon Jan 23 17:25:55 EET 2017

Dear Ed

Thank you for your kind offer. I accept.



On 1/21/2017 5:19 AM, Edward Morris wrote:
> Hi Klaus,
> As you know I was recently elected Chair of the NCSG Finance 
> Committee. It is my hope during the coming year to revitalize the FC, 
> to make it a key and productive part of noncommercial activities at ICANN.
> As part of this initiative I hope to get more people involved in the 
> Finance Committee and would like to work closely with our 
> Constituencies to maximize the potential of the FC. At my request, the 
> FC has agreed to appoint you as an Observer to the FC, placing you on 
> our mailing list with full posting privileges.
> Klaus, we hope you’ll join us. Please let us know if  you’d be willing 
> to join the FC as an Observer, per §2.6.6 of the NCSG Charter.
> Thank You,
> Ed Morris
> Chair
> NCSG Finance Committee

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