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Hi Farzi,
 The NCSG Charter, §2.6, states that the F.C:
    • Work with the ICANN staff to determine levels of support available to the NCSG;

• Work with ICANN finance officers to insure the NCSG and its Constituencies receive fair and equivalent financial support from ICANN;
 My reading of that is the F.C. should be the link between ICANN and the NCSG. We'll be posting any opportunities we learn of about funding and program possibilities for our Members and we'll write and submit the proposals when called for and asked to. We'll also follow up on the applications. That's why I said that you've already done much of our work on this application. Thank you!
 The NCSG and NCUC Charters and Bylaws are very different in terms of structure and powers. Executive functions in the NCSG reside in the Chair subject to some limitations and rights of supervision the NCSG EC can exercise if it wants to. Approval of requests such as these Supplemental ones pretty clearly are an Executive function so I'd suggest the Chair should be your first point of contact for these type of requests. 
 I should note that there may be situations where the F.C. can act independently to ensure that the "NCSG and its Constituencies receive fair and equivalent financial support from ICANN". I also note that the NCSG FC by its Charter should, and in this case wants to, actively work with the Constituencies to ensure that they get the maximum amount of support from ICANN that they are entitled to. As FC Chair, my goal is to work with you and Klaus and your respective ECs to help you get what you want from ICANN, rather than giving you my opinion as to what you should want. Make sense?
 I'm happy to work with everyone but I respect the independence of the Constituencies and history suggests matters of finance will still largely be the providence of the Constituencies. I'm very happy, though, to help on joint NPOC-NCUC ventures such as this and to assist any member who choses to work through the SG. We have a number of NCSG members, as you know, who are members of neither NPOC or the NCUC and I do feel a special obligation towards them.
 Hope this helps. This is all a work in progress and I do stand to be corrected. Working together, though, I do believe a strong and functioning Finance Committee at the SG level will make all noncommercial groups within ICANN stronger and more effective. At least that is the goal.
 Thanks for all of your incredible hard work!
 Kind Regards,
 Ed Morris


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 Thanks a lot Ed for the feedback.   
 I will try and make some changes, then I think it can be sent to ncsg ec?
 Also I was wondering if NCSG has plans for other special budget requests? And should it be coordinated with FC or EC only ? 

   On 18 Jan 2017 16:29, "Edward Morris" <egmorris1 at toast.net> wrote:  Apology for a mistake in my previous post on this matter. I'm doing this from a hospital bed following minor surgery today and I mistyped.

If attached to a meeting the capacity summit would need to be attached to meeting A or meeting C. The ICANN meetings policy, adopted by the community, specifically prohibits extension of meeting B for activities such as this.

Apologies for my earlier error,


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> On 18 Jan 2017, at 13:34, Tapani Tarvainen <ncsg at tapani.tarvainen.info> wrote:
> Dear Finance Committee,
> Please see attached special budget request draft.
> Keep Farzaneh and Klaus in the loop for any questions
> or comments you may have.
> Thank you,
> --
> Tapani Tarvainen
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