[NCSG-FC] NCSG Special Budget Request

Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Wed Jan 18 23:10:16 EET 2017

Hi Tapani,
 Thanks for this.
 I commend Farzi and Klaus for submitting what amounts to a completed 
Special Request proposal. They have largely done the FC's work for us!
 Under the Charter I believe approval of such a request would be an 
Executive function that accrues to the Chair. If approved, then the FC will 
be happy to submit and liaise with ICANN staff to ensure the request 
receives full and fair consideration, per our responsibilities under the 
NCSG Charter.
 I would suggest that as a way of improving there chances of acceptance the 
proposers and other interested parties should:
 - Be more specific about the contents of the proposed two day capacity 
 - Do you have a time or suggested location for the summit?  If attached to 
meeting A or B, for example, air fare costs may be reduced;
 - Will outside experts be retained? What is the FTE estimate for ICANN 
 - A cost estimate would be helpful for this proposal and, to be 
successful, is essential.
 On behalf of the FC, I'm happy to see the leadership of our two 
constituencies working together on this proposal and look forward to giving 
them any and all applicable assistance.
 Kind Regards,
 Ed Morris

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Subject: Re: [NCSG-FC] NCSG Special Budget Request   
Dear Finance Committee,

Please see attached special budget request draft.

Keep Farzaneh and Klaus in the loop for any questions
or comments you may have.

Thank you,

Tapani Tarvainen

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