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Hi Klaus,
 Thanks for the correction. 
 I did understand you to cite that as a reason for not wanting to go 
forward with a joint outreach activity that had been proposed by Ms. Loup. 
If that is incorrect please accept my apology and kindly  get in touch with 
Ms. Loup as there still would be time to put together a Supplemental Budget 
 For the record, there are members of the NCUC, as well, who will not be 
attending the meeting for that reason. I'm personally undecided but at the 
moment am inclined not to attend. Recent attempts to display crosses at 
Catholic churches have been met with take downs by law enforcement. I'm not 
sure I would be comfortable there and members of other faith traditions 
have even more serious concerns.
 Thanks for clarifying and, again, apologies for any misunderstanding.

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Dear Friends  

Correction. NPOC is not planning to boycott the UAE meeting only those 
members of NPOC who object to give their religion in the Visa application 
will not be able to participate in the UAE meeting.  


Klaus    On 2/4/2017 12:40 PM, Edward Morris wrote:
  Hi Farzi,
 As you know traditionally Supplemental Requests have come from the 
Constituencies. I'm happy to see that NCUC and NPOC have been working 
together on a joint proposal and I would be happy to shape up and submit as 
an NCSG request if the entire FC agrees. As you know I had made several 
suggestions to your initial submission; I'm still waiting to hear back.
 As for other requests:
 1. To the best of my knowledge none have come from the NCSG EC;
 2. Anna Loup had expressed interest in possibly doing a joint NCUC - NPOC 
event in the UAE. I took this to NPOC and was told they intend to boycott 
the Abu Dhabi meeting;
 3. I am putting together a small request based upon upcoming expenses the 
NCSG Chair has previously notified the NCSG that is coming true;
 4. I am exploring the possibility of submitting a request to cohost an 
event with a GAC member at the Latin American meeting (site to be 
 5. Given discussions surrounding the intersessional meeting I would like 
to submit a request for a beta travel policy involving firms that assist 
members in obtaining visas for ICANN meetings - unless both constituencies 
intend to do so. Feedback requested.
 Of course. I'm sure the FC would be open to submitting a Supplemental 
Request proposed by any of our members. This is not a zero sum game and the 
more requests from the noncommercials community for expenditures that fit 
with ICANNs operational plans should be encouraged.
 A reminder: deadline for submission is February 10th.
 Kind Regards,
 Ed Morris

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On 3 Feb 2017, at 22:29, farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com> wrote:
    Hi Ed and all, 
 I was wondering what NCSG plans are for making additional budget requests 
and what have we developed other than the policy capacity we have 

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