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Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Sat Feb 4 21:54:17 EET 2017

 I'd like to propose that we extend invitations to the following individuals / entities to join the FC list as observers:
 1. NCSG Treasurer Dr. Milton Mueller. NCUC Chair Farzaneh Badii has confirmed that that Dr. Mueller has been re-appointed to this position. I believe it's appropriate to have Constituency Chairs and financial leaders to be part of the finance conversation here at the SG level so would like to offer him the opportunity to join us as an Observer. 
 2. Rafik Dammak. Rafik was recently elected Chair of the NCSG Policy Committee. Coordination with the Policy Committee, particularly in carrying out our responsibility of working with ICANN staff to see that the NCSG is treated fairly in the budget and all matters financial, would be a plus. Adding Rafik to this list as an Observer would assist in this effort.
 3. A representative of the candidate Consumers Constituency. NCSG Charter ยง2.6.1 requires us to  extend an invitation to reach candidate Constituency to appoint an Observer to the F.C. list.
 FC members: please indicate your approval or dissent of this proposal. Invitations will be sent once all FC members have indicated their position on this proposal  or once seventy two hours has passed with no opposition being posted on list.
 FC observers: as always, your views are most welcome.
 Kind Regards,
 Ed Morris

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