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Thanks MaryAm.

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Dear Ed,  


The link to the recording for the Copengahen, meeting can be found here: https://community.icann.org/x/sB3xAg and, for Reykjavik, here: https://community.icann.org/x/yyPxAg  


Many thanks,  


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Tapani, all, 


First, a doodle poll will go out shortly to FC members in an attempt to schedule a meeting in early May. April understandably was a tough month schedule wise for many of us. Hopefully we can pick up where we left off in Reykjavik and progress in establishing the FC as a viable part of the NCSG. 


MaryAm, would it be possible to post to this list links to whatever exists (audio, transcripts) of the NCSG FC meetings in Reykjavik and Copenhagen? Thank you. 


The NCSG Charter gives this Committee the responsibility of working “with ICANN finance officers to insure the NCSG and its Constituencies receive fair and equivalent financial support from ICANN”. 


The transition has changed many things in ICANN, arguably more so in the area of Finance as any other. Article 22 of the ICANN Bylaws details the new environment in which budget, operating and strategic plans now exist. You will note that all community powers in this regard flow directly to the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees. In order to ensure that the NCSG, NCUC and NPOC are treated fairly and equitably by ICANN we need to ensure that the GNSO itself is treated fairly and equitably. 


In analyzing the proposed FY18 ICANN Operating Plan and Budget it is clear to me that the GNSO has NOT been treated fairly and equitably in the budget process. Senior staff assigned to the GNSO has let it be known that other communities are more effective at lobbying ICANN for money than we are. The reference in this years GNSO Council comment on the budget to having had past comments ignored is quite accurate. 


To date, the only unified GNSO effort on the budget has been the yearly Council budget public comment. It’s been a weak effort, done in a rushed way by one or two Councilors working with staff. This simply is not sufficient. Under our new governance model it is the SO, not individual SG’s or C’s, with budgetary power in the Empowered Community. The component parts of the GNSO, SGs/Cs/Council, need to start working together and with staff to ensure that the GNSO and its component parts are treated fairly in the budget process. The only way to ensure that the NCSG is treated fairly and equitably in receiving financial support rom ICANN is to ensure the same is true for the GNSO. 


Towards that end I would like to propose that the NCSG FC request a 90 minutes meeting slot to host our colleagues from throughout the GNSO in a budget summit. Let us bring together staff, those in the community who focus on Finance, leadership, and sort out a method and plan for moving forward together more effectively in the FY19 budget cycle. The time to plan and get involved is now, not after the initial budget has been proposed. 


I’m happy to take the lead in organizing this. To be effective, though, we’d need a time slot where we’re not opposed by SG or C meetings elsewhere. Late better than early.  It should be a priority – other entities in the community certainly make receiving support from ICANN one of theirs. If we don’t want to continue to be short changed we need to make it one of ours. 













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Dear FC, If we want to have a meeting in Johannesburg, we need to request one now, or more precisely by Wednesday. Jo'burg is a Policy Forum and we've been encouraged to concentrate on policy-centered meetings, but we can of course ask anyway. -- Tapani Tarvainen _______________________________________________ NCSG-FC mailing list NCSG-FC at lists.ncsg.is https://lists.ncsg.is/mailman/listinfo/ncsg-fc 

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