[NCSG-EC] IMPORTANT: list moved to new server

Robin Gross robin at ipjustice.org
Thu Jan 12 00:50:12 EET 2017


Thanks for informing us of this change.  I wish we would have known before, however, and had an opportunity to weigh-in before decisions were taken and then implemented.  

Who manages these new lists and how will they be archived and managed over the long run?  I’ve been asked by others to explain this and haven’t known what to say to them since the EC wasn’t part of this decision.  

In the future, I’d greatly appreciate it, if you would include the NCSG EC in the decision making process for such important matters.  I don’t think our only function is to review membership applications but also provide oversight to the Chair in his execution of duties.  It is very difficult to provide oversight of decisions if we aren’t informed of the matter until after decisions are taken and then implemented.  

This also applies to filling the NCSG travel slots, members of this committee recommended sending Avri to the intercessional in Iceland as a replacement for our councilor who couldn’t make it, since she is so heavily involved in many of the issues we work on.  But another person who wasn’t discussed by this committee was chosen by you to send as the replacement instead and we were simply told after the fact.  

So I’d like to ask that we (NCSG EC) be included in these decisions, as we can’t meet our own obligations under the charter as EC members if we can’t take part in these key EC decisions and only told after the fact of what has been done.

Thank you for taking this request to heart.


> On Jan 10, 2017, at 10:18 PM, Tapani Tarvainen via NCSG-EC <ncsg-ec at lists.ncsg.is> wrote:
> Dear all,
> NCSG Executive Committee mailing list has been moved to NCSG's own
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> and the address for posting to the list is
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> You should already have received subscription notice from the new list.
> Please update your address books and don't use the old server anymore.
> I will copy archives from the old server as well, but it may take
> a while; in the meantime old list archives can be used.
> Policy and Finance Committee lists have already been moved,
> ncsg-discuss will be moved later (it is a bit more difficult).
> Happy 2017 to all,
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