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I sent this email wrong on sunday to the igf-team-request@ email. Here goes right, sorry for that.

Dear all,
	Welcome to the email-list that Tapani so thoughtfully created for us to work on the NCSG Global IGF 2017 Workshop Proposal. A few month ago, after a very successful workshop in the Global IGF 2016, we lunched once again the idea to do a workshop for the 2017 IGF, after a few rounds of ideas in discussions we submitted the request to ICANN and they approved our project.At the end of this email I copy the details that outline the idea that we shared with ICANN, originally given by William Drake (a.k.a Bill) in the NCSG list among other good ones. 

	For those who might be new to the process, we now have to draft and present a Workshop proposal to the MAG in order to get approved and be able to do it in the IGF meeting. Since the deadline to submit is May 3, we thought it would be wise to have our final draft for April 30 (which is end of next week). The time is very tight, but it is what it is.

	Here you can visit the terms and basic information for the proposal: https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2017-call-for-workshop-proposals <https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2017-call-for-workshop-proposals>

	I created a googledoc with the official template of the proposal we have to submit, I propose we work on it as we move forward: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10YJE8rT_yXNgtMDONb8tf4GMYMdmCIdcBIN6XOQSwo0/edit?usp=sharing <https://docs.google.com/document/d/10YJE8rT_yXNgtMDONb8tf4GMYMdmCIdcBIN6XOQSwo0/edit?usp=sharing>

	I propose that the we try to channel the edits trough me on this list and just do comments on the google doc to not overwrite things. 
	What we need to do now:
	First: Defining the substantive focus more precisely and linking it clearly to ICANN stuff so it’s not redundant with all the other cybersecurity proposals the MAG will be reviewing. 
	Second: Identifying speakers;  
	So, based on what we already outlined, we need to tackle that First task. I encourage you to read the outline below, the form in the google doc and the resources in the IGF web I link above. Once we finish that we can start making a pool of speakers to contact. I will be filling the draft as we move forward and you can comment the doc if you see something wrong or want to propose an answer or writing.

	Each day I will try push the work so sorry in advanced if I spam a little this email list, but we only have a few days to draft this out.

Best regards to all,

Martín Silva

Outline of the Workshop Idea:

1)Activity: Please describe your proposed activity in detail

A workshop in Internet Governance Forum on cybersecurity and DNS.

The workshop will look at cybersecurity specifically in relation to DNS, including management interfaces, owner authentication processes, RDS/whois and related problems like domain hijacking, privacy endangerment, spam etc, not from purely technical perspective but also in how they should affect ICANN policy. The idea is that even non-technical people developing policy should acquire an understanding on how and what kind of security issues they should consider when making policy decisions.

2) Strategic Alignment. Which area of ICANN’s Strategic Plan does this request support?

Support a healthy, stable and resilient unique identifier ecosystem.

3) Demographics. What audience(s), in which geographies, does your request target?

All ICANN regional groups (NCSG has members in more than 100 countries).

4) Deliverables. What arethe desired outcomes of your proposed activity?

Raised awareness about cybersecurity issues related to DNS and their policy implications; increased engagement in security work; report feeding into ICANN processes as well as other cybersecurity discussions.

5) Metrics. What measurements will you use to determine whether your activity achieves its desired outcomes?

Attendance, both onsite and online; increased participation on related working groups in ICANN and elsewhere; outcome document (report) that's useful as input to other fora like IGF Cybersecurity Best Practices forum.
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