[NCSG Councillors] Fwd: NCSG/NPOC/NCUC and ICANN org GSE VPs

Johan Helsingius julf at Julf.com
Tue Feb 28 15:34:34 EET 2023

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Subject: 	NCSG/NPOC/NCUC and ICANN org GSE VPs
Date: 	Mon, 27 Feb 2023 17:55:14 +0000
From: 	Adam Peake <adam.peake at icann.org>
To: 	Johan Helsingius <julf at JULF.COM>, Benjamin Akinmoyeje 
<benakin at gmail.com>, Raoul Plommer <plommer at GMAIL.COM>
CC: 	Andrea Glandon <andrea.glandon at icann.org>, Caleb Olumuyiwa Ogundele 
<muyiwacaleb at gmail.com>, Carlos Reyes <carlos.reyes at icann.org>

Hi Julf, Raoul, Benjamin;

NCSG, NPOC and NCUC have a session during ICANN76 with the GSE regional 
vice presidents:  Wednesday, March 15, 16:30 - 17:30 (Local time) 

Intent is to start a relationship coordinating outreach and engagement 
activities at both regional and globallevels between GSE and your 
groups.  As it will be our first joint meeting Andrea and I suggest the 
following draft agenda(comments of course very welcome):

1. Introductions - roundtable

2. Discussion of each groups' strategic outreach plans

3. VP regional priorities & plans

4. Q&A

  From the GSE side, each VP will introduce their regional priorities. I 
hope you can do the same, if no regional priorities for engagement then 
global – CROP strategy for example.  Could you discuss with your members 
please, particularly to have you exec teams join the meeting.  I hope 
exec committee members not travelling to Cancun will be able to join 
online (timezone permitting). Perhaps you could you also invite the NCSG 
GNSO council members?  I am sorry the meeting clashes with the DNS Women 
session, but otherwise looks like good timing.

We only have an hour, but can follow-up online after ICANN76, and 
perhaps have another face to face meeting during the meeting in 
Washington (ICANN77) in June.



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