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Dear Council Leadership,

Please let the Council know that the responses to Question Set 4 have been
submitted.  A big thank you to the small team of Councilors that helped me
with the responses including Paul, Justine, Desiree, Flip and of course
ICANN support.

First, just a reminder that the responses to Question Set 5 are due on
Wednesday next week.  Justine and Paul have weighed in on it, so thanks to
them again!

Second, I had a call this week with the ICANN SubPro Team (minus Karen who
was on a well deserved vacation).  In addition to discussing the Question
Sets, I wanted to relay the following:

   1. The ODP Team informed me that the SO/AC leaders did not seem to have
   any interest in a SubPro session at ICANN 75 in KL.  I wanted to verify
   that this was the case since I had not heard anything from the SO/AC
   leaders on this.  I also wanted to say that this could be an important
   missed opportunity for us to start some of the needed discussions including
   on the complete set of ODP Assumptions (See next item).  There is a lot of
   work ahead of us, so I just wanted to verify that the community did or did
   not want a SubPro session.

   1. At some point in August, ICANN will publish its final set of
   assumptions that will be included in the Operational Design Analysis
   (ODA).  This sets the basis for setting the budget and dictating the
   resources that will be needed to implement and Launch the next round(s).
   As this would be timely, I do believe it may be worth discussing with the
   Community at ICANN 75 if that is something the community were interested in.

   1. Whether or not there is a session at ICANN 75, the ODP Team has
   reminded me to let you all know that they are available to meet with any
   constituency, SG or AC at ICANN 75 to discuss the status of the project.

   1. At this point Question Set 5 is the last set of questions that the
   ODP team has.  This does not mean that there will not be other questions
   later, but they believe they have a handle on all of the Outputs of the
   GNSO Final Report, the Recommendations and Implementation Guidance.

   1. However, there is still a lot of work ahead of us as the GNSO
   Community.  We need to start planning for the Implementation Review Team
   and additional work.  To do this, I would propose:

   1. Having this is a discussion item at the GNSO Council SPS since there
      will be some new Councilors and it will likely have an impact on the work
      that the Council is going to be responsible for starting next Calendar
      Year.  The F2F session in LA in December is a great time to discuss the
      impacts of this on the Council work load.
      2. If the ODA is delivered in December, the Board could likely vote
      on it in February or March, which means that the ICANN staff
could kick off
      an IRT shortly thereafter.  The Council should determine whether this IRT
      will be like normal IRTs that are completely open or whether it will be a
      limited representative group.  If the later, then I would
propose starting
      off the discussion on the composition of this group in January
so that when
      it is approved, we do not lose a month or two discussing this and getting
      the logistics set up.
      3. Although we are likely kicking off the GGP on Applicant Support in
      August (hopefully), there are going to be other discreet topics that will
      need to be addressed and they may be a lot for a single IRT.
This includes:

                  i.      Finalizing the structure and rules for the SPIRT

                 ii.      Implementing the Pre-Evaluation Program for
Back-End Registry Service Providers

               iii.      Finalizing and implementing the Outreach and
Communication Strategy

               iv.      Drafting the Applicant Guidebook

                 v.      Finalize the Process/Procedures for
Private/Specialized Domain Names (SSAC 113)

               vi.      Confirm Maximum Delegation Rate of TLDs
(Affirmation/Recommendations in Section 26 of Final Report)

             vii.      Challenge / Appeals Mechanisms for Evaluations /
Objections (Section 32 of the Final Report)

   1. There are a lot of external Dependencies that can also impact the
      next round, including:

                  i.      IDN ePDP Work

                 ii.      Implementation of the Revisions to the RPMs

               iii.      Name Collision work by the NCAP / SSAC

   1. All of this is a reminder to state that once the ODA is done and the
   Board votes on approving the policies, even assuming they approve it in
   March 2023, there is still a ton of things for the community to do before
   an application window can open.  I personally believe planning should begin
   ASAP, but it is up to the Council and the Community to determine what
   happened and when.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Jeffrey J. Neuman

Founder & CEO

JJN Solutions, LLC

p: +1.202.549.5079

E: jeff at jjnsolutions.com

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