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I can only add:
What tangible steps do the board thinks can be taken to address the high
community burnout and decrease in participation from some stakeholder
groups, considering that such a decline poses a threat to the
multistakeholder model?


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> Dear NCSG PC and EC,
> I need to provide our talking points for the NCSG meeting with the ICANN
> Board by Feb. 26th, the latest. On that note, I would like to ask if any of
> you would like to suggest and/or lead any of these discussions.
> For the ones not familiar with our Joint meeting with the Board at ICANN
> meetings, this is a 1h meeting where both the NCSG and ICANN Board will
> prepare their talking points for each other. We normally go with 2 to 3
> talking points and its also nice to see our community leaders leading the
> discussions, so feel free to send your suggestions here and we can start
> working on the discussion agenda.
> For my 1:1 meeting with the CEO that happened this week I chose to ask the
> following questions, but I would like to hear from you whether you think
> its good to repeat them:
> *SSAD and Content Moderation*
>    - *On a recent communication that was sent to the Board and to you, we
>    asked a few questions regarding an "ICANN Org Comments on the
>    Recommendations 01/2020 on Measures That Supplement Transfer Tools to
>    Ensure Compliance With the EU Level of Protection of Personal Data". NCSGs
>    letter was seeking clarification about an specific part of the statement
>    that highlighted that SSAD was "instrumental for stopping and preventing
>    the dissemination of illegal content and in order to avoid related societal
>    harms". On that note, I would like to ask you how the development of a new
>    System for Standardized Access/Disclosure falls within the realm of
>    instruments for preventing the dissemination of illegal content ?*
>    - *When the document mentions the prevention of the dissemination of
>    illegal content and societal harm, does it relate to factors other than the
>    access to information object of legitimate requests by legal authorities
>    and/or related to investigations ? *
> *DNS Abuse and the DNS Security Facilitation Initiative Technical Study
> Group*
>    - *Do you believe ICANN is not working toward security and stability
>    and fighting with abuse as much as its mission allows? Why do you think
>    that ?*
>    - *NCSG would also like to know more about the DNS Security
>    Facilitation Initiative Technical Study Group. Where does this technical
>    study group fall within ICANNs strategy for dealing with DNS abuse? *
> Looking forward to hearing back from you!
> Best,
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