[NCSG-PC] Proposal in relation to the IGO Work Track

Tomslin Samme-Nlar mesumbeslin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 14:52:58 EEST 2021

Dear members,

I bring to your attention the proposal below, relating to the IGO Work
Track which was established with the following charter [
] and on the assumption that RPM Phase 2 work would have started shortly
after completion of Phase 1 of the RPM PDP.

The IGO WT is on track to deliver its initial report in September 2021.
However, there are concerns that any forthcoming policy recommendations
from the IGO Work Track will not have a procedural standing as the Work
Track is currently orphaned and it is not known when RPM Phase 2 will

With this in mind, the GNSO council leadership is proposing that to ensure
that any forthcoming Consensus Policy recommendations from the IGO Work
Track have proper procedural standing, an expedited PDP (EPDP) on IGOs be
convened. Further, this EPDP should be convened with the same scope of work
and structure as the IGO Work Track.

Therefore, the Council leadership would like to know by 6 August 2021 (in 5
days time) if there are any objections to this proposal from NCSG.

Please let us know what you think.

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Dear Councilors,

Please review the request below from Philippe and the GNSO Council
leadership team. Thank you.

After the 22 July Council meeting, leadership has given additional thought
to the agenda item regarding the IGO Work Track. As we discussed during the
call, there were three components that we wanted to bring to your attention:

   1. The need for a Program Change Request as a result of public comment
   moratorium – there were no objections on the call.
   2. *The ability of the IGO Work Track to develop Consensus Policy
   recommendations – this is the area we will focus on for immediate next
   3. Whether the IGO Work Track’s draft recommendations are “generally
   consistent” with the original IGO PDP Working Group’s recommendations #1-4
   – to be addressed in the future.

Council leadership considers #1 above as done and would like to consider #2
and #3 separately: #2 should be considered now and #3 can be considered at
a later date.

For #2, Council leadership has consulted with staff and, as a result, we
request that the Council consider what appears to be the most sensible path
forward to ensure that any forthcoming Consensus Policy recommendations
from the IGO Work Track have proper procedural standing; viz., convene an
expedited PDP (EPDP) on IGOs. Further, this EPDP should be convened with
the same scope of work and structure as is currently outlined in the Addendum
to the greatest extent possible.

What this would entail is: (1) preparing an EPDP initiation request; and
(2) migrating the content of the Addendum to an EPDP Charter. *Please
consult with your respective SG/Cs and note any objections to this proposed
direction by 6 August 2021.*

Best regards,

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