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I don't have a strong opinion on this issue or on our comment, however, in the [source document](https://www.icann.org/en/system/files/files/draft-idn-guidelines-03mar17-en.pdf), the word "encourage" is used frequently. i.e. "Encourage registrars to notify registrants of non-conforming registered domain names".

Do we think this terminology is appropriate? I prefer words like "must" - they give registrants more clarity over what they can expect from registrars - but I could be persuaded otherwise.

— Ayden

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> hi all,
> the deadline for submission is 10th December, I will try to ask for few days extension. I would like to ask you review the draft for endorsement or not.
> after that, we can focus on several public comments which deadline is around 5th January.
> Best,
> Rafik
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> Dear All,
> In October 2017, ICANN called for a second public comment on the version 4.0 of IDN Guidelines. Actually, following the first round of comments most of the concerns addressed by the community were taken into account. Nevertheless, two questions remain open and some people here may think it is useful to discuss them. Please check what we [drafted](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L6Fj41rkku6g44FkDbvmUc12MAxv99szaRz8OSmnSbE/edit#) so far and make your suggestions, if any. Otherwise, we won't have a significant comment on this report and just endorse it.
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