[NCSG-FC] Welcome to the NCSG Financial Committee

Jean F. Quéralt JFQueralt at theiofoundation.org
Fri Feb 24 18:49:09 EET 2023

> > In the same vein as for the Tech Team, I wonder if we should also
> > consolidate procedures and other documentation on some wiki/gitbook?
> Indeed.
Noted on this.
I've got a info from one of the options (ICANNWiki), still waiting a few
days to hear about the other one (Confluence) to update.

> > Is there a financial calendar somewhere so we can plan ahead of the next
> > round for ICANN annual budget?
> Typically the plan is published to the community for comment in
> December. The comment period for the current cycle just closed
> less than two weeks ago.

Yeah, I saw it.
Was wondering if, for instance, we should keep an eye on meetings happening
in ICANNXXX moving forward?


>         Julf

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