[NCSG-FC] Opening a bank account

Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Mon Jan 14 23:23:38 EET 2019

As promised, I have opened a bank account for NCSG under my name at the Royal Bank of Canada, Pakenham Ontario Branch.  I have named Tamir Israel of CIPPIC as an "or" cosigner, which means either one can sign a cheque.  This will of course only be used if I get hit by a bus, which is a really bad joke in Ottawa these days because we just had a dreadful bus crash which killed three people.  (proving that even old expressions like that one have meaning.)

The account is free, because I am a senior, and I can write cheques or do e-transfers with it.  I think it is all we need for now, but if someone like PIR wants to write us a cheque, they have to write it to me on behalf of NCSG so that I can deposit it.  I think we are stuck with that reality until we create an entity.  Even a non-incorporated ngo would have to have a business number, which has tax implications, so this is our best solution.  I will forward the bank details, transit numbers etc. as soon as these numbers are available online.  I am happy to sign a letter that acknowledges my accountability for any funds that I will deposit on behalf of NCSG, and any payments will of course be made only with the consent of the NCSG-EC; the Finance Committee canbe cc'd on those if that is a function that you wish to commence doing (oversight, not approval).

I am happy to discuss any aspects of this either on the list or on our next call.  Advice from Milton, who has so ably managed our money in NCUC for many years, would be most welcome.

Cheers Stephanie
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