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Apologies, below is the linknto the online form:

Thato Mfikwe

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Hi members,
The proposed way forward regarding ABR (please
provide comments by 15pm UTC):

Purpose: to create a light weight ABR process in order to
simplify and analyse the submission process, namely:  -         
Development of an online form where community members
can submit their suggestions, ideas and recommendations regarding ABRs, in line
with ABR principles
Design of this online form to also serve as a
mini survey in order to understand the need, priorities and interest of members
and please provide advise accordingly (by 10 Jan)  -         
Circulation via NCSG and NCUC mailing list, the
call for participation in the ABR fact-finding survey (by 11 Jan)
Engagement of committees, NCSG and constituency ECs
regarding finding and results  -         
Submission of ABRs after review of applications (by 15 December)

Please also note that the FC still need volunteers as
it currently has few members who can priorities on its activities. The ABR
submission is pretty urgent, thus a prompt responses would be very helpful at
this stage to ensure we submit before the deadline.

This also presents an opportunity for NCSG and NCUC to work more
closely in this ABR process to ensure that activities of the stakeholder group
and constituency and fairly supported.

Link to ABR analyses that was created in during 2018, to
help with some background on historical submissions.


Thato Mfikwe.

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