[NCSG-FC] Looking forward: our collaboration with Wapix

Raphaƫl Beauregard-Lacroix rbeauregardlacroix at gmail.com
Sat Aug 31 23:19:49 EEST 2019

Dear all,

I hope this email finds you well and that you are enjoying the last days of

Wapix is now done developing the backend application that tracks requests
for information that are routinely sent out by Maryam during the new
members' review process. We are now out of development blocks with them,
meaning they will not develop additional features for us until we buy more

There was a discussion in Marrakech regarding an eventual change of
provider, given the price of our current one. I think there would be
substantial risk in doing something like that, while also giving up on a
relatively good working relationship we now have with Wapix.

So I will now reach out to Josh (our contact) to see what can be done re
development blocks; how much could they offer us and at what price. Once he
comes back with something, I will be back to you here.

We would have some use for such blocks, notably for the front-end part of
the thing they just developed, as well as for various updates to core
components of the back-end.

In the meantime:

-If someone wants to embark on the great journey of figuring out an
alternative that would be cheaper, please declare yourself and do so!

-Who would pay for such an additional expense? We just "bill" ICANN like we
do now? Something else?

As an aside, I think the question above is also highly relevant for those
of you who may support changing provider, as surely such an operation would
involve a non-negligible amount of money to be paid to such new provider
for due diligence and other types of preliminary assessments.

The only option not involving any further money is doing nothing, which is
also an option. I.e. we pay the monthly fee and Wapix fixes the small
things that break here and there.

And finally, thank you again Stephanie for accepting to literally lend
money to ICANN by making your credit card available for our provider's
recurring fee and patiently waiting for refunds...

A nice day to all of you,

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