[NCSG-FC] Report of Public Comments - FY20 Budget

Thato Mfikwe thatomfikwe at gmail.com
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My comments below, more to follow later

*4.2 Supporting SOs and ACs*
Support for ACs and SOs will be looked into during the FY21 budget
according to ICANN response on comments, IMO, this is not a satisfactory
response as it seems like there is stalling. The statement reads as follow,
"ICANN will determine if it will be specific about lelevls of support it
provides to SOs and ACs", to me this sound like the change that might be
made will not make a difference.
I would recommend we consider a strong response outlining expectations when
this is done, and am also sensing some difficulty in resolving this issue
as I do not understand how transparency can affect community engagement and
production of information, maybe further explanation must be requested.

*4.3 Document development and draft pilot program*
ICANN refusing to finance external research is reasonable according to me,
internal capacity building on research methodoligies should be the approach
as it could benefit the policy development process in the long run as
proposed to the NCSG EC during ICANN64.

*12.1 ICANN headcount*
I do not understand how ICANN can make a mistake on a small number as 385,
whereas they work with big figures, a miscount of 34 head is a big deal.
The impact of the error is not stated as there could have also been
financial miscalculations as a result. Wonder now who audits ICANN.
This also presents an opportunity to request for information on regional
and racial diversity of staff from Executive level to middle management

*12.2 Merit increase*
ICANN staff still receive increases year after year in the mist of
financial difficulty, 1% or none would go a long way in meeting other
operational and budget priorities and constratints. A 3% merit increase
cannot be justified by generous merits of the past, if justifiable, what
was the basis of historical trends?

Thato Mfikwe.

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