[NCSG-FC] Draft PTI/IANA FY20 Operating Plans and budgets

Thato Mfikwe thatomfikwe at gmail.com
Mon Oct 8 11:18:33 EEST 2018

Hi all,

I just wanted to firstly, thank you all for your interest in working on this
and would propose that we have a *penholder as Farell indicated in the
mailing list* so that we can start with the comment process.

I just inserted an introductory section and we now need to agree and
comment on issues, anyone wiling to help initiate this process or make an

Current volunteers:
1. NCSG FC members                            5. Akriti Bopanna
2. Amadu Yusif
3. Farell FOLLY
4. Rafik Dammak

@Ayden, please assist where you can.

Anyway, feel free to peruse reports and mailing list discussions for
potential issues
if attainable, thanks once again.

Thato Mfikwe.
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