[NCSG-FC] NCSG Finance Committee Call on PTI/IANA FY20 Budget

Maryam Bakoshi maryam.bakoshi at icann.org
Tue Nov 6 17:08:34 EET 2018

Dear All,

Please find attendance and recording of the NCSG Finance Committee call on PTI/IANA FY20 Budget.

Attendance: Remmy Nweke, James Gannon, Raphael Beauregard-Lacroix, Thato Mfikwe | Staff: Maryam Bakoshi

AC Chat: Attached

AC Recording: https://participate.icann.org/p55qrh13mm8/<https://participate.icann.org/p55qrh13mm8/?OWASP_CSRFTOKEN=e124dea773a921c98a0a55c4df1bdaadf020d25dfead46cf0c94aae2a245f3e3>

Mp3: https://tinyurl.com/y83oa8y5

Many thanks,

Maryam Bakoshi | SO/AC Collaboration Services Sr. Coordinator
ICANN | Internet Corporation got Assigned Names and Numbers
S: Maryam.bakoshi.icann | T: +44 7846 471777

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