[NCSG-FC] Re-starting the work of Finance Committee

Sam Lanfranco lanfran at yorku.ca
Tue Feb 20 02:20:55 EET 2018

Renata, Farzaneh, and Thato,

Thanks for contributing to the discussion. Before the NCSG Finance 
Committee can proceed it still need an NCSG discussion to give the 
Finance Committee a working agenda. While NCUC has a treasurer, and a 
bank account with some funds, it is up to NCUC to decide what should be 
reported back to NCSG and the NCSG community. As for NPOC,I am treasurer 
along with the Chair, Joan Kerr, we share responsibility for the NPOC 
bank account. Reporting is easy: it has had zero income;  zero 
expenditures; and a zero account balance - although it does have pending 
bills. .

Renata, Once we have revenues, flows and allocations a closed Wiki might 
be considered, but we are not there yet. As for Thato's list of due 
diligence suggestions, the whole list runs well beyond the capacities of 
NCSG and the capabilities of the Finance Committee. We still need the 
NCSG discussion to give the Finance Committee a working mandate. I hope 
that can be done by the end of the Puerto Rico meetings.

Sam  L.

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