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Please see my response in line.


On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 5:37 AM, Thato Mfikwe <thatomfikwe at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Thanks Farzaneh for the welcome. I would propose that Sam take lead on the
> FC role because I have a couple of clarity seeking questions and still need
> some onboarding to enable effectiveness and understanding of the following
> factors relating to this new role, particularly:
> -          Breakdown of expenses and income received in the past 2 - 4
> years (As per the ICANN 5 year operational budget and budget requests) by
> NCSG/GNSO and constituencies and how it was used

​We do not do anything finance wise with the constituencies, i.e. we don't
regularly monitor them. NCSG does not get any outside funding, it only gets
in kind support from ICANN, which you can find from approved ABRs and ICANN
financial reports.​

> -          Breakdown of GNSO annual allocation vs allocation to other
> AC's and SO's

​That would be great to know, but I have heard even ICANN itself does not
want to carry out this task. If you would like you can start the task, it
will help us with comment on budget as well.

> -          Database of NCSG member organisations (including those who
> have contributed in yesteryear)

​We have not charged members any fees previous years.

> -          Understanding of priorities, plans and requests from NCSG and
> member constituencies
​Sure, I think you have started a thread on NCSG mailing list and you can
see what their priorities are (again, caution against getting involved with
internal constitutency affair.

> -          Assessment of impact in regard to funds disbursed: NCSG, NCUC
> and NCOP

Let me know what you mean by impact. This should again be at SG level.

If you want members of committees to provide reports when they attend
meetings as NCSG delegates, that's something to ask for. But they are
either very busy GNSO councillors or NCSG EC members. GNSO councillors
report already throughout the year. NCSG EC members might be able to
provide reports on their activities. I don't know if it is the FC task to
ask them do so.
NCSG doesn't receive CROP so nothing to report on.
​This year we got INTA (two travel slots) and the history project (two
travel slots for PR, possibly one for Panama) both are required to do
We don't do much outreach at NCSG level. we don't have the financial
support but we present in outreach meetings of the constituencies.

So depending on what you mean by impact you can take various initiatives,
as long as the charter allows you to do so. ​


> -          Capacity building/On-boarding of FC by NPOC member, previous
> FC reps and other observers of the FC

​There is only one capacity building program approved in our ABR this year
which was a proposal NCSG with the collaboration of NCUC and NPOC. We have
approved 66000 USD for an NCSG policy course, I am in touch with ICANN
staff to find the suitable trainer (cannot be an NCSG member). We will
hopefully choose by PR. some of the budget goes to the trainer, some will
be allocated for travel. These things will be decided primarily by ICANN
since they are running it. ​

> -          List of contact people and finance staff within ICANN to work
> with

​Primary contact is Xavier Calvez, the Chief Finance Officer.I think there
is one more person working with him. Please note that requests for meetings
should be coordinated with the FC.​

> -          Review of current or setup of effective financial internal
> controls systems for the NCSG

We don't have a bank account, no outside funding and only get money from
ICANN. Considering the very low weight financial activities (if we even
have any, since we don't deal with money internally) I am not really sure
what a financial internal controls system would do. But if you have an
idea, let us know and we will see if it can be workable.​

> -          Scheduling of a F2F meeting with finance and leadership
> committees of the GNSO, SG’s and C

​We do our own thing at NCSG we don't need to meet with GNSO but we can
invite the constitutency leaders and the GNSO-NCSG councillors. ​

> -          Assessment of budget requests submitted and approved by NCSG
> constituencies Vs CSG constituencies
​Oh that would be an interesting initiative if someone could pick it up.

> -      Financial reports of NCSG and constituencies in the past 3 years
> (if available on the Wiki page, please share link)
​I am not sure if FC has done any financial reports. Constituencies can
report through their EC reps to NCSG, if they wish. ​

> I have gone through the NCSG charter and it is clear in terms of what need
> to transpire, I have also started investigating budget requests and the
> 2018FY ICANN Operational plan and budget to understand the financial
> situation of NCSG and opportunities for raising funds. Should it be a
> challenge for Sam to take lead, then I do not mind helping out but will
> need to obtain support from other FC observers, members and representatives
> in order to fulfill duties assigned to the NCSG FC according to the
> charter, thanks.

​Well it would be great to have two co-leaders rather than one. ​

> Thato Mfikwe.
> On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 1:30 AM, farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Welcome to the new  FC Committee member, Thato. Thato will be
>> representing NCUC.
>> The current FC Committee members can be found here:
>> https://community.icann.org/display/gnsononcomstake/Le
>> adership+Team#leadership--1601093001
>> The tasks of FC and how it functions are elaborated in our NCSG Charter
>> under section 2.6. Please read those carefully.
>> https://gnso.icann.org/en/improvements/ncsg-charter-05may11-en.pdf
>> we need to appoint a chair first for the committee and then go ahead and
>> have our first meeting that delineates our tasks and have some action items
>> for the future.
>> For now, I'd like to ask someone to volunteer to chair this group.
>> Please express your interest to becoming the chair of FC  by sending an
>> email to this mailing list.
>> Best
>> Farzaneh
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