[NCSG-FC] ICANN 64 - FC meeting opportunity

Thato Mfikwe thatomfikwe at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 22:16:28 EET 2018

Hi all,

I just wanted to bring to your attention an opportunity for the FC to run a
session during ICANN 64, also note that the Operational Procedure has not
yet been adopted, stifling activities of the FC. Based on the last attempt
to coordinate a meeting during ICANN63, below was the proposed agenda.

NCSG Finance Committee (90 min)

*Objective*: To introduce NCSG FC to the NCSG community and discuss the
Finance Committee Operational Procedures (OP) and the NCSG Charter in order
to find synergy between the two documents.
*People needed*: ICANN Finance, GNSO Finance rep, FC member or members,
NCSG EC and members

*Agenda*: Face to face meeting with NCSG members (90 minutes)

*Part 1*: Establishment of the NCSG FC - 45 minutes
1. Introduction, background of the FC and committee responsibilities as
listed in the NCSG Charter - 10 min
2. Overview of the NCSG Charter and Finance Committee OP (oversight,
participation, accountability and auditing function issues) - 15 min
3. Q and A - 10 min
4. Discussions on how to synergies the 2 documents and harmonize contention
areas based on community comments (volunteers)- 10 min

*Part 2*: NCSG Finances and fundraising for NCSG - 45 min
5. Discussion on NCSG priorities, opportunities and needs - 10 min
6. Background on ICANN budgets, 2018 - 2019 ABRs and fundraising options
(ICANN finance, contributions and outreach to external funders) - 10 min
7. Inputs and comments - 5 min
8. Leveraging ICANN Finance for NCSG activities - finance rep - 7 min
9. Remarks by GNSO rep - 5 min
10. Q and A - 4 min
11. Closing remarks - 4 min

*MEETING 2 (Optional depending on availability of a slot):*
NCSG FC outreach during constituency day or NCSG outreach sessions (FC to
sit on a panel and/or present online)

*Objective:  *To call on volunteers to help the FC in execution of its
responsibilities (information sharing and creating awareness)

*People needed:* New comers and NCSG members

*Presentation areas*
1. Introduction to the FC and current activities - 5 min
2. FC plans and how to participate - 3 min
3. Q and A - 5 min

Please kindly provide comment around this because I think it would be very
beneficial if we could plan a webinar with the FC first and then with
community members around this issues before ICANN 64 and before we can
solicit their comments on this meeting request as I will be attending this
meeting under the fellowship program, thanks.

Thato Mfikwe.
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