[NCSG-FC] Leaving Finance Committee

Tapani Tarvainen ncsg at tapani.tarvainen.info
Fri Nov 3 07:24:22 EET 2017

Dear Finance Committee,

As my term as NCSG Chair ended I'm no longer ex-officio member of the
Finance Committee either, so I will unsubscribe myself from this list
after sending this message. Farzaneh has already been subscribed; at
present there is no NCUC representative in the list.

Before leaving just a quick note of a few things FC should take care
of in the near future:

* Some special budget requests were made and approved and should be
  followed up.

* The member database/website funding must be taken care of, at the
  minimum paying for the website hosting, possibly also for further

Thank you all and goodbye,

Tapani Tarvainen

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