[NCSG-FC] Decisions

Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Thu Jun 22 17:47:17 EEST 2017

 First, I want to commend my fellow members of the Finance Committee. Your 
response times are an example to every other group in the NCSG. We're able 
to get stuff done because you take your commitments seriously. I'm honoured 
to be Chair of this group.
 I'll declare the following as having been decided:
 1. Observers shall have posting privileges on the FC list and shall be 
able to participate in calls and meetings without qualification, save for 
consensus calls per the NCSG Charter;
 2. I will attempt to gauge the interest amongst GNSO colleagues in using 
our meeting slot to discuss ways we can work more closely together while 
participating in the ICANN budget process. I'll report back to this list no 
later than this coming Monday. If the interest is not there we will cancel 
the meeting.
 I'd also like to echo and agree with Sam's comment:
 Hopefully we will have made substantial progress so that by ICANN 60 we 
can deal with substantive issues and opportunities.
 We're the first very active FC in NCSG history. Slowly we're building 
something - step by step.
 Thanks again everybody.
 Kind Regards,
 Ed Morris 

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