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Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Thu Jan 26 14:58:56 EET 2017

Hi Farzi,

As I continue to revamp the NCSG Finance Committee, I wanted to reach out to all those involved with matters financial in the noncommercial community. Thank you for agreeing to join the FC as an Observer; I'm sure you'll make a big difference here as you do everywhere you volunteer!

In reviewing the NCUC list since the new administration was activated, I'm unable to find a NCUC appointment of a Secretary-Treasurer (ST) for the current year, per section E1 of the NCUC Bylaws. I also have not found any evidence of anyone carrying out the responsibilities of the ST as specified in sections E2, E3 and E4 of the NCUC Bylaws. As someone very much involved in assuring SOAC accountability through your amazing work in the CCWG-Accountability I'm sure you agree with me that transparency in all we do is quite important. Under your leadership this NCUC EC has been the most open
and active in recent memory. I'm sure this ST matter is a mere oversight, of the EC or mine!

If I missed something and the NCUC EC has appointed a ST this year if you could led me know who it is I would like to invite that individual to join us as an Observer on the NCSG Finance Committee. I was going to invite Dr. Milton Mueller, as he has served the community as the ST volunteer in past years, but as I searched the archives for recent NCUC financial records I have been unable to find either any recent financial reports for the NCUC or any ST appointment by the EC. As Dr. Mueller  is no longer on the NCUC EC as the regional representative for North America, and the work required of the ST is not in evidence, I did not know if the ST position had been filled by someone else and, if so, by whom. The ST role is one of great importance and little reward. I've always been appreciative of those who have taken on this responsibility in the past.

As you are aware from recent discussion on this NCSG FC list there has been a close relationship between the NCSG and NCUC in matters financial, including, apparently, the borrowing of bank accounts in an apparently nontransparent manner. We need to fix that. You are also aware that the NCSG has some recurring expenses, some of which will be coming due soon, and no funds to pay for them. Although I will be submitting a Supplemental budgetary request to ICANN for these monies, as Sam has noted there is a full history here regarding NCSG finances that we on the FC are largely unaware of. Hopefully the current NCUC ST, or the one you appoint, will be able to help us fill in the historical data we are so lacking.

Farzi, thank you for your help with this. It's sometimes difficult to wake up structures that have largely been moribund, such as the NCSG FC. With everyone pulling together I hope we'll be able to create a functioning NCSG FC that, working in collaboration with our Constituencies and the NCSG Chair and EC, will help create a stronger independent voice for noncommercial concerns at ICANN.

Kind Regards,

Ed Morris
Chair, NCSG Finance Committee
NCSG Treasurer

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