[NCSG-FC] Expenditures

Tapani Tarvainen ncsg at tapani.tarvainen.info
Sat Jan 21 10:04:54 EET 2017

Hi Ed,

I will get you full details a bit later, but as a brief summary, there
are at present only two such expenditures:

(1) NCSG.IS domain registration, until now paid for by Avri Doria;

(2) New member database / website project, paid for by ICANN; this is
not really regular yet, it's still under development and doesn't have
fixed payment schedule, but it should move to maintenance mode this


On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 11:35:54PM -0500, Edward Morris (egmorris1 at toast.net) wrote:

>  Tapani,
>  I understand that there are a few expenditures the NCSG regularly 
> encounters, generally for website and database activities, that we probably 
> would be aware of and make arrangements to pay.
>  Would you please provide the details of these expenditures, including:
>  1. The vendor involved,
>  2. The amount,
>  3. The frequency of payment,
>  4. Next due date.
>  Thanks,
>  Ed Morris

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