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Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Mon Jan 16 00:26:07 EET 2017

  The NCSG Charter is unclear as to how to bring additional people onto the Finance Committee to help us do our work. The Charter is actually unclear as to even the name of the Committee, referring to it both as the Financial Committee and as the Finance Committee. The Charter obviously needs to have a lot of work done on it.
 I know all of us want to make this Committee functional. More help would be welcome.
 The NCSG Charter §2.6.1 reads:
 The NCSG Finance Committee (FC) shall be comprised of one representative from each Recognized Constituency. Each Candidate Constituency is entitled to appoint an observer. The NCSG Chair will participate as an ex-officio member of the NCSG-FC and will be included in consensus process and votes. The FC may invite other members as needed to meet its goals and responsibilities. 
 The NCSG Charter §2.6.6 reads:
 - Any observer to the NCSG-FC will have full participation rights except will not be counted in any consensus process or vote.
 - Elected or appointed representative from NCSG Candidate Constituencies will be given observer status.
 As we organize our work for the coming year I would like to get other NCSG members active with the FC’s work. This is particularly true concerning our work commenting on ICANN’s budget. As we bring people on board I think it would be optimal to also invite these working volunteer members to be Observers to the full Finance Committee, per NCSG Charter §2.6.1.
 As we begin, though, I’d like to propose inviting the following NCSG members onto the Finance Committee as Observers immediately:
 NPOC Chair Klaus Stoll
 NCUC Chair Farzaneh Badii
 NCUC appointed FC alternate Florian Daniel
 The first two are people we should be working with to coordinate overall NCSG financial matters, per NCSG Charter §2.6. Although there is no position of alternate in the NCSG Charter the NCUC appointed one so I propose adding Florian as an Observer immediately, with the understanding that any other NCSG member who wants to actively work with us on FC matters will be treated the same way.
 Kind Regards,
 Edward Morris


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