[NCSG-FC] FY18 - NCSG requests

Edward Morris egmorris1 at toast.net
Mon Feb 6 13:52:59 EET 2017

Thanks Tapani.
 Just a reminder - all Supplemental Budget Requests need to be submitted no 
later regain this Friday February 10th (extended deadline).

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Hi Ed, all, NCSG is going to make one for an IGF workshop, too. Tapani On 
Feb 04 11:40, Edward Morris (egmorris1 at toast.net) wrote: > Hi Farzi, > > As 
you know traditionally Supplemental Requests have come from the 
Constituencies. I'm happy to see that NCUC and NPOC have been working 
together on a joint proposal and I would be happy to shape up and submit as 
an NCSG request if the entire FC agrees. As you know I had made several 
suggestions to your initial submission; I'm still waiting to hear back. > > 
As for other requests: > > 1. To the best of my knowledge none have come 
from the NCSG EC; > > 2. Anna Loup had expressed interest in possibly doing 
a joint NCUC - NPOC event in the UAE. I took this to NPOC and was told they 
intend to boycott the Abu Dhabi meeting; > > 3. I am putting together a 
small request based upon upcoming expenses the NCSG Chair has previously 
notified the NCSG that is coming true; > > 4. I am exploring the 
possibility of submitting a request to cohost an event with a GAC member at 
the Latin American meeting (site to be determined); > > 5. Given 
discussions surrounding the intersessional meeting I would like to submit a 
request for a beta travel policy involving firms that assist members in 
obtaining visas for ICANN meetings - unless both constituencies intend to 
do so. Feedback requested. > > Of course. I'm sure the FC would be open to 
submitting a Supplemental Request proposed by any of our members. This is 
not a zero sum game and the more requests from the noncommercials community 
for expenditures that fit with ICANNs operational plans should be 
encouraged. > > A reminder: deadline for submission is February 10th. > > 
Kind Regards, > > Ed Morris > > Sent from my iPhone > > > On 3 Feb 2017, at 
22:29, farzaneh badii <farzaneh.badii at gmail.com> wrote: > > > > Hi Ed and 
all, > > > > I was wondering what NCSG plans are for making additional 
budget requests and what have we developed other than the policy capacity 
we have proposed? > > > > Thanks > > Farzaneh 
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