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James Gannon james at netgov.ch
Tue May 2 11:29:04 EEST 2017

Thanks Tapani, regardless if you have some time I would love your input into the form! You've written a lot more of these than I have!!!


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Dear all,

My apologies for not contributing much yet, and even now just a quick reply to the question below:

I will not be NCSG Chair in December, but I do plan to go to the IGF and I'm fine with having my name in the form just to make it look more convincing as NCSG submission, and I hope to contribute to the workshop as well (if it is approved).

This is regardless of who gets the travel slots, but I would assume work done on the proposal would weigh heavily in the decision, and as of now James looks like an excellent candidate. (I will not ask one for myself, I don't need ICANN funding to attend the IGF.)


On May 01 14:12, Martin Pablo Silva Valent (mpsilvavalent at gmail.com) wrote:

> James,
> 	There several hand as I see, they just come in in different time 
> frames. I am going to be the whole day updating it. Let’s continue 
> doing it. I am speaking with several people for extra speakers and 
> co-organizer, but isn’t Tapani as NCSG supposed to be on of the 
> co-organizers to make it NCSG? or you are going as the NCSG rep? (just 
> to know if we have there already two or one proposer)
> Cheers,
> Martín
> > On May 1, 2017, at 1:21 PM, James Gannon <james at netgov.ch> wrote:
> > 
> > OK guys we have numerous people on this list, but absolutely no one is actually contributing anything to the document other than me. 
> > I am not willing to write this proposal single handed as to be honest I have no idea what the topic is even supposed to be.
> >  
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